PMP® Prep – My PMP® study plan

Before I share my PMP® study plan with you, I must admit that preparing to take the PMP exam is a journey in itself. If you allow yourself, this journey will open new avenues in your understanding of Project Management body of knowledge.

This exam is not just about cramming some information and holding it long enough to clear the exam but it is an opportunity for you to become a better Project Manager.

Now, let me take you through my study plan which helped me clear the exam successfully.

Once I had collected the complete information about the exam and decided to go ahead with the application, the next step was building a S.T.A.R. study plan with the objective to clear the exam in the first attempt itself. (I have covered this topic of “How to build a S.T.A.R. study plan” in my previous blog already.)

I concentrated my efforts for building the study plan on the following aspects –

  • Deciding the learning resources best suited to my learning style
  • Keeping just enough time for exam preparation
  • Since I was working full time, I should be able to strike a good balance between quality family time and extensive study required for the PMP exam.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, it is very important to document you plan in order to keep yourself motivated throughout the learning journey. Here is my very brief Study plan which included objectives of the plan, deliverable details, major milestones, and was backed up by a detailed study schedule.

The detailed study schedule is as under. For your convenience, I have taken the start date as today (21st Jan 2020) and the exam date as 21st May 2020.

In this plan, I had tried to strike the optimum balance between reading through the material and practice tests to increase my ability to pass the exam. To start with I found the language of PMBOK® Guide to be very complex. Hence, I decided to start with Head First PMP® which uses a visually rich, not-so-text-heavy approach towards delivering project management content. So, it helped me to build a good foundation. After that, I studied by referring both PMBOK® Guide and Rita Mulcahy’s™ PMP® exam prep simultaneously while making self-notes alongside. The next step was the revision of my notes and the highlighted points from the reference books followed by a series of Mock tests. I had also scheduled 1 mock test after completion of reading of each book.

At the end, don’t forget the mantra: Study, Assess, Course correct, Refine, Repeat!

For the benefit of readers, I am sharing downloadable files of the Study plans down here. Feel free to download them and start customizing based on your exam date and study resources.

Thank you for reading. Happy Learning!

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