Projects Tell a Story… A Blockbuster Analogy!!!

Once upon a time there was HERO Project Manager. His Projects were never late. They always met customer expectations & never ran over budget. Once upon a time! Doesn’t it sound like a fairy tale?

Project Management is not a fairy tale but yes every project tells a story. A project indeed is like a big blockbuster movie!!!

We like Movies. We enjoy seeing the Protagonist wearing his heart on his sleeves, showing his die hard attitude, achieving the goals of his life overcoming all the odds.

A Blockbuster Movie & a Successful Project have much in common: Strong Fundamentals (Story or Clearly defined Scope, Time & Cost), an ability to capture a vision, process that vision for others to see & then realize that vision for others to believe.

A movie is a director’s mean of recording his vision on a 70 mm film & then displaying it to the world. In order to portray the character in present, the actor has to see into the future. He must have a vision. Being a Project Manager is no different. A Project Manager must have vision for what the project is to be created. The Project Manager inherits the vision from the key stakeholders as does the Hero from the Director.

Projects, like a good story, have a beginning, middle, and a satisfying end. Let us think back to any project we have managed or worked. Can you recall the beginning, middle and a Hollywood ending? I bet, you will realize that all the projects you undertook were more or less like this only.

The story for all projects is that, they move through five process groups to get from start to finish. Within each process group there are key activities which help the project move along: Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Monitoring & control, Project Closure. Each project, like a movie goes through risk & uncertainty. If the Project Initiation phase is the basic phase where the story is built (initial background is made), the Project Closure is the power packed action sequence.

As we know, a Project is a set of activities to create something that is outside of your day-to-day operations. Going by my snappy analogy, a Project Manager is like a Hero who using his courage & heroism (Knowledge & Skills), successfully brings about outstanding achievements. He like movies, have to deal with various Political, Economical & Social issues (Read: PESTEL Analysis of a Project).

SuperMan Project Manager

In order to get the heroine (Customer Acceptance / Payment), he has to fight out all the goons (Project constraints of Scope, Cost & Time) & have to live by the Criteria set by heroine’s father (Customer).

The purpose of this analogy was to be bring out the importance of Project Management in every facet of our lives & at the same time stress on the fact that it is not a routine ‘Management’. It indeed is Special.

A project is like love; it has clear intentions at the beginning, but it can get complicated.

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