Let’s decode PMP®

PMP® Prep: Project Governance and the relationship between Project, Program, and Portfolio management

In our previous post, we understood the importance of Project Management and how effective use of Project management tools, techniques and processes provides a strong foundation for organizations to achieve their objectives. All the projects are about teamwork; but how the teams work depends heavily on the type of organization and their governance structure. Let’s […]

PMP® Prep – Fundamental Elements of Project Management

The art and science of Project Management is evolving day-by-day with ever increasing complexity of the projects and competitive Business environment. The biggest gain one can have while preparing for the PMP® exam is to be able to apply the learning to your work and to be able to take better decisions. As some wise […]

PMP® Prep – My PMP® study plan

Before I share my PMP® study plan with you, I must admit that preparing to take the PMP exam is a journey in itself. If you allow yourself, this journey will open new avenues in your understanding of Project Management body of knowledge. This exam is not just about cramming some information and holding it […]

PMP® Prep – Build a S.T.A.R. study plan

“Make time for planning; Wars are won in the General’s tent.” ― Stephen R. Covey As it’s with any Project, a comprehensive plan is the most important key to success. As I said earlier, before going full throttle in execution mode, one should make sure they have a solid plan and are following a right approach […]

PMP® Prep – Plan you work and work your plan!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry “Always begin with the end in the mind.” ― Stephen Covey I think the above two quotes summarize the crux of this article very beautifully. Before pressing the pedal for accelerated learning towards passing the PMP exam, one should have clear vision about how […]

Let’s Get started!

“Every accomplishment starts with a decision to try.” – John F. Kennedy Since you are reading this, you have already taken your first step towards getting this coveted certification and accelerated growth in the profession of Project Management. As any good Project Manager would do, it is very important to do a detailed requirement analysis […]