PMP® Exam Prep | Sample Questions

Online Mock tests are a good mean to test your current level of preparation before you sit for the main exam. They test you with questions that follow the same format and pattern as that of actual PMP® exam. These tests aim to replicate the exam environment so that you become comfortable with the timing and the pressure situation. One should try out various PMP exam simulators available on internet to test themselves in real exam like scenarios.

While internet is flooded with various Free and Paid-for online Mock tests and Exam Simulators, majority of them are very low on quality and even not updated with respect to the current version of the PMBOK Guide. Choosing the correct test is as important as choosing the correct study resource or exam prep book.

To help you out, we have cautiously and meticulously compiled a list of SELECT sample online exam preparation questions (both Free and Paid) which will certainly help making your PMP® journey a success.

PS, watch out this for sample 100 questions being developed by us at as well. Coming Soon! 🙂

PMP® Exam Free Sample Questions

❶         Oliver Lehmann’s 100 Questions
❶         Oliver Lehmann’s 200 Questions (PDF Version)
❶         Free PMP® Practice test by Simplilearn
❶        Edwel Programs PMP Certification Practice Exam

PMP® Exam Paid-for Sample Questions

❶        Udemy’s PMP® Exam Practice Kit
❶        EduHubSpot PMP® Test Packages

As per my experience, giving at least 4-5 full length Mock tests before the exam is very important to increase your ability to pass the exam. Remember, PMP® exam doesn’t cover straight-forward “typical” questions but scenario based questions which test your ability to apply the Project management framework to real-world project situations. Hence, choose a good PMP exam simulator which has more stress on scenario-based questions rather just definition based questions.

Thank you and Happy Learning!