The PM Corner

Project isn’t a fun… Says who? – #3 – Ball park estimate gone too wrong!

Having a thorough Project Budget is key to delivering project success. By definition: A Ball park estimate is a roughly accurate estimate, or an educated guess. Coming from baseball, this expression rests in turn on in the ballpark, meaning within certain limits. Let’s learn more about Budget estimation techniques, but with a twist 😉😃

Project isn’t a fun… Says who? – #2 – Best Project Manager!

We are back with yet another chuklesome dose of office satire. 😀 😀 😀 The moral of the story: It not enough to hire a high profile Project Manager in your organization and expect him to magically change everything. While having a resourceful Project Manager is one of the key aspect of attaining project success, […]

Project isn’t a fun… Says who? – #1 – No one is listening!

Project Management is not just about Deadlines, Systems and procedures. Project Management is a lot of fun too, if done right. With this series, we will try to tickle your funny bones with some sharp workplace satire bringing out the funny side of Project Management. We would also try to bring out the deep message […]

Agile Vs Waterfall: A Comparison

With the ever changing technologies & rising customer expectations making Projects more complex than ever, Project professionals are faced with a challenge to shift to more agile mindset in order to ensure customer delight. One would agree that the very foundation of management of Project Lifecycles or the Project Management lies in the Predictive (or […]

Projects Tell a Story… A Blockbuster Analogy!!!

Once upon a time there was HERO Project Manager. His Projects were never late. They always met customer expectations & never ran over budget. Once upon a time! Doesn’t it sound like a fairy tale? Project Management is not a fairy tale but yes every project tells a story. A project indeed is like a […]

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